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Distribution Line

Silicone Line Post Insulafor for 35kV (Universal Eye Nut)

Universally mounted line post insulator for 35kV
Eye Nut option is the fixed Hotstick Operable eyenut attachment.
This allows Installers to use a Hotstick to tighten & loosen the keeper against the conductor
Light Weight & Easy to Handle 
Not Breakable
Universal clamp has a wire range from 0.1773"(4.5mm) to 1.379"(35mm).
Silicone material's Hydrophobicity provides superior Self-cleaning Function.
Excellent Mechanical Characteristics
Excellent Electrical Characteristics
Designed for Installation Vertically or Horizontally to help reduce inventory
Available with tin plate option for copper wire
Available with optional Hotstick Operable Keeper


Technical data

Applied standard

CEA LWIWG-02 (1996) Line post insulator for overhead distribution line
Hydro one's specification, LS-23-571-RO